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Dehradun Super Speciality Hospital

Elevating Healthcare Excellence

With a team of highly trained and qualified medical professionals, we are committed to providing the best care possible. Our state-of-the-art facilities include an advanced OPD and ICU unit, ensuring swift and accurate diagnoses and treatments. We also boast an in-house pharmacy and pathology lab for added convenience and efficiency. Guiding our mission is the expertise of our esteemed Director, Dr. Samit Mehta, whose leadership ensures that we deliver healthcare excellence with compassion and dedication. Trust us for exceptional medical services, personalized attention, and a commitment to your good health.




Neuro- Spine Surgery

ICU Unit

Experience unparalleled patient care at Dehradun Superspeciality Hospital’s 24-hour open ICU unit. Our dedicated team of skilled medical professionals and cutting-edge technology work tirelessly round the clock to provide exceptional critical care services. With a focus on rapid response and continuous monitoring, we ensure that patients receive the highest level of medical attention at any hour. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies, guaranteeing timely interventions and specialized treatments.

Pathology Lab

With a focus on rapid turnaround times, our state-of-the-art lab is equipped to deliver quick and accurate reports, aiding in swift and precise patient care. Our team of experienced pathologists and advanced equipment ensure reliable results for a wide array of medical tests. By having our pathology lab within the hospital premises, we eliminate delays and streamline the diagnostic process, enhancing the overall healthcare experience for our patients. Trust in our commitment to providing prompt and dependable diagnostic services, contributing to timely medical interventions and improved outcomes.

In House Pharmacy

Our well-stocked pharmacy is seamlessly integrated within the hospital, providing easy access to a wide range of medications and healthcare products. With qualified pharmacists at hand, patients can receive expert guidance on prescriptions, potential interactions, and medication management. This on-site pharmacy ensures prompt fulfillment of prescriptions, eliminating the need for external trips. We prioritize patient safety and quality, offering only genuine and approved medications. From post-treatment prescriptions to over-the-counter essentials, our in-house pharmacy is dedicated to meeting all your healthcare needs efficiently and effectively.

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